White ceramic soup Bowl (red clay white glaze)

White ceramic soup Bowl (red clay white glaze)


Ceramic white cereal soup bowls

This is a unique SET of 4 bowls. The glaze is a off-white color with a silky finish. You have the option to ask for 'white on red" (white galze on red clay) or "white on white" (white glaze on white clay).The pictures are for white one red. The glaze looks off-white.
You can also choose between glossy glaze or silky matte. 

Each one is unique because they were hand molded. They are modern looking and a chic beach style. They measure aprox. 6" and are food safe. 

They make a great gift as well. They are all signed in the back. They went twice in the kiln, first to bisque fire and then high fired. They are dishwasher safe, but I do recommend to hand wash for durability. 

Eating from a Handmade ceramic tableware makes the food taste better and bring warmth and love to your table. Thanks for checking out my ceramic shop! 

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