The best week yet this summer!!

Recharging is a must!

Whenever I get away for a couple days it resets my mind and recharges me with fresh creative energy. July in Phoenix is not easy. So getting away to cooler weather is a blessing.

We went from SoCal all the way to Napa Valley in North California. OMG Breathless views, soaked up the green and was so grateful for amazing weather. I visited some clients and new future ones.

I’m going to share some photos with you and I hope it inspires you as well!

Please use coupon #GRATITUDE for a special $20 OFF any orders this July! If you are in town come visit me at the studio. Send me a text and we can schedule!

I’m still catching up on my orders after having 15 days of a misfiring kiln and a week of vacation. I’m getting closer now!!

I have been working inside and out of the studio, leaving the outside work for early bird morning. I start at 5:30- 6am. My uniform is bikini, har and lots of sunscreen.

So much gratitude for you and for my vacation week!!!

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