Happy Birthday Blue Door!

It was August 2013 when I started working full time to turn my ceramics hobby into a business. It came with a big shooting star so I knew I was in the right path! 

We are celebrating 5 years (OMG) this month and you get the gift of a 20% discount with the code #happybirthday! Feel free to forward this to your friends! 

smilie face


Use this code on check out! 

Please visit the new modernized website, that now has a shopping cart yay!!  The icon is a cute little purse and PLEASE let me know what you think. Do you find it easier to browse and shop? Your opinion is very much appreciated!

I'm working on some fall/winter new glazes and will post soon! 

Blue Door Ceramics is now sold in two galleries in town! One in Phoenix called Galeana 39 and Grace Renee Gallery  in Cave Creek that is about to open next month.  

These are some photos of our vacation this year. Relaxing and inspiring. We spent time with family and loved ones, had walks in nature and watched amazing sunsets.

Now the batteries are fully charged to start a new school year with the kids and, press the gas pedal to the floor in the studio!! After eating dozens of "pão de queijo", "caipirinhas", "cocadas", "maracujá mousse", bread with "requeijão", "coxinhas with catupiry"... OMG its time to start a fasting diet, so I can fit in the tiny Brazilian biquinis we bought ! hahahaha Life is good. :-)