Only 15 days until 2019!!

Whoosh is the sound of 2018 passing by! OMG 15 more days until its 2019! I haven’t gotten to the point of writing down New Years Resolutions yet, but watch me 2019: This is going to be a fantastic and fun year! If great days as consciously created, so are great years!! One day at a time, with focus, consistency, commitment and hard work.

We have 10 more days until Christmas. I still have some unique and cool items that are ready to ship at the studio. Some got out of the kiln today! If you are a local, please call me (480) 528 8937 and schedule a visit this week! I would love to receive you here! If you are out of town but would love to add some ceramics to your collection this Christmas, please check my website here . There is still time to pack and ship to you! Do you want to order something else? I am listing an option of a GIFT CARD that will allow your loved one to chose their own treasures.

Don’t hesitate calling me on my cel if you need help with choosing!

Hugs to all!

Christiane Barbato