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You will find handmade ceramic plates for homes and restaurants.

Decoration statement pieces for your house, office, hotels and resorts.

Choose from a stunning display of dinnerware sets, dinner plates, salad plates, pasta bowls, soup bowls, and decoration pieces.

How would it feel to set the table with gorgeous new plates that will inspire your cooking and surprise your guests?

Handmade Ceramic Dinnerware by Christiane Barbato

Each piece of ceramic dinnerware is designed and crafted one by one for a completely unique and artistic aesthetic.

Shop a variety of modern, chic, and nature-inspired  dinnerware sets and individual pieces that harmonize with any table setting and design style. We are in Phoenix, Arizona.  

Worldwide shipping. 


Wholesale Ceramic Plates for Restaurants

"Since 2013 I've been working closely with chefs from New York to Hawaii.  They love our plates because it creates a unique canvas for their creations, besides durability, high quality,  functionality and also that they can customize according to their menus.  I love working with chefs because it keeps my work dynamic and creative and it's always so satisfying to see their amazing dishes presented on my designs." 

Blue Door Ceramics offers a captivating collection of wholesale ceramic dishes, including dinner plates, salad plates, and bowls. This wholesale handmade pottery is made using durable, food-safe stoneware and lead-free, non-toxic glazes. These dishes bring a sense of organic whimsy to your restaurant that’s sure to capture your customers’ hearts and imaginations. Not to mention the fact that food always seems to taste better when it’s presented on an appealing dish! Allow your guests to dine in luxury with handmade ceramic dishes from Blue Door Ceramics. Inquire today for wholesale pricing information.