Ceramic soup Bowl Cereal Bowl in Turquoise

Ceramic soup Bowl Cereal Bowl in Turquoise


Ceramic soup bowls in turquoise bowls  -set of 4-  Tableware cereal BOWLS dinnerware - dinner plates wedding gifts

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This is a unique set of ceramic plates. They are SOUP/CEREAL BOWLS ! Excellent for stews and salads as well!  The color of the glaze is a silky matte turquoise.  Each bowl is different and they have a lace imprint on the bottom. They are modern looking and chic. 

They measure about 7" and are about 1 1/2" deep, perfect!  They are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe.  They make a great wedding gift as well. All signed in the back. It's a luxury and a pleasure to eat from a handmade plate! Besides the food tastes much better!

They are high fired and very resistant. Will last 5,000 years!

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