Ceramic Pasta Bowl in a chic contemporary matte Gray

Ceramic Pasta Bowl in a chic contemporary matte Gray


Matte Ceramic pasta bowls,  set of 4 plates in a rustic matte gray glaze. They are so cool and clean and inspired by nature - handmade tableware. 

Dinnerware set of 4 ceramic plates. Stoneware pottery, high fired and very resistant and durable. They are glazed in matte gray glaze . All my glazes are lead-free and non-toxic. Ceramic dinner plates are a perfect wedding gift.

Each plate is different and they have a lace imprint on the bottom. You can also add the texture lace on the top. Just let me know on a note. Each piece is handmade and glazed one by one, so one piece is not like the other! The borders are intentionally irregular and you will not find a plate that is a perfect circle, but they are very durable and I hope someone finds them in 5000 years intact!

They are modern looking and chic. They are food safe, dishwasher and microwave safe. They make a great wedding gift as well. All signed in the back. It's a luxury and a pleasure to eat from a handmade plate! And the food tastes much better! :-)


Thank you so much for visiting my ceramic shop! I have other great wedding gifts ideas and complete dinnerware sets. My pieces are mix & match.

Includes 4 pasta bowls that are 10" and will fit your kitchen cabinets and dishwasher.


You can add the dessert plates that are around 8" and the soup bowl is 7" and fits 2 1/2 cups of liquids and the dinner plates.


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